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It has been awhile…

Due to many responsibilities (work, graduate school thesis, my family, my organizations), I had not been able to update this blog for quite some time. Now, I have decided to give this another go. What prompted me most were the queries and comments about my tarlov cyst. There are other people out there – in this country – suffering from the rare disease. This time, I think it is time to reach out. I also want to know more about my disease – why it strikes only a few people and how it comes about in the first place. I am terrified about the idea that my bones are being slowly but surely degenerated by my disease. Surgery is even more terrifying. I would have to put myself and my ability to walk and function normally at risk if I want to completely get rid of my cysts. Sometimes I forget that I have this disease. Whenever I do remember, it is frightening. Writing about it and reaching out to people who are suffering quietly like I do makes things just a little better.


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