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Work, work, work…

I do gig jobs because of the freedom, flexibility and autonomy.

I have a regular job for the financial security.

It means sacrificing leisure time, but I try to find something enjoyable in what I do. I learn a lot even from the lower-paying assignments. I have an IT background, but I have to admit that I am afraid to get back to it. IT gigs and visual arts projects are time-consuming, unless you are still regularly practicing the skills needed – but they are the ones that have the best potential to earn more.

I write at 1000 words daily minimum and 7500 words maximum (crazy headache afterwards). So, I have been sticking to writing. There are some crazy clients out there, too. I did an English to Filipino translation that I was not paid for. I even adjusted the layout of the brochure for the same client. Not one dollar paid. This was last year. The client said hello again. I did not respond. Never again.

What I am working on at the moment:

  • a set of 10 SEO articles for client A
  • a 2500 word article for client B (I just finished a 20k ebook and a 6000 word article for them)
  • 1 2000 word article for client C (who sporadically gives me assignments through the month, usually up to 10 articles)
  • a web novel (personal project)
  • lesson plans to prepare for the delayed opening of the school year (October, instead of September) because of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases here in Dominica


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